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Grand Junction Massage Therapy Testimonials

Here's Why Terri Brumett is Considered One of the Best Massage Therapists in Grand Junction

"I have been seeing Terri since January of 2014. I had reached a point in my life where massage had become quite necessary. I always leave her feeling 100% better than I did when I can in. When a person loves their job, and is committed to what they do, the results are obvious. Terri is one of those people, and I am a client for life."

J.P., Grand Junction, CO

""When I woke up this morning my backache was completely gone! I can bend over again without any pain. Where have you been my whole life?!"

Kathy H., Grand Junction, CO

"The best neck work ever! Always a fantastic massage!"

Charles B., Grand Junction, CO

" After spending two months with a numb left hand, I started massage with Terri. Her massages took care of the problem. Now I don't wait, when my body tells me there is something going wrong, I get in to see Terri ASAP. She's great. J.B."

J. B., Grand Junction, CO

"I was raised with the philosophy that "caring for myself" is a selfish act. In 2007 my body was afflicted with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It was nine months into my recovery before I received my first massage with Terri and it was not what I expected. The disease had made my muscles so tender that the "lightest-feathery" touch felt like a 1000 pounds of painful pressure. However, with each session, the tenderness decreased, my muscles began to relax, and the change was amazing. The disease taught me that because stress, in mnay forms, never stops coming, it is extreemely important that I provide my body with the most effective healthy tools available. If I do not care for myself and do things like massage, chiropractic adjustmens, ozone,and cold laser therapy that helps my body stay strong, I am unable "to do" for anyone else! So, for the past five years I have scheduled massage with Terri every two weeks and I know that her care is one of the reasons that I am healthier now that I was before. The high vibrational energy of Terri's care affects my body physically, mentally, and emotionally in an extremely positive way. Her talents are a gift and her friendhip is a blessing to my life. Through her care, I have learned that for my body's wellbeing, massage is not a "selfish act" or a "luxury" - it is a necessity."

Penny Lyons, Chiropractic Assistant, Grand Junction, CO

"As a cancer survivor of 21 years, I was left with spinal stenosis and arthritis from 5 years of chemo. In March of 2012 I had twisted my lower back (lifting heavy objects) and was in constant pain for about a month. Every excercise, heat and pain reliever that I hoped would solve the problem did not ease the pain that my sciatic nerve was creating in my left leg. Terri Syperreck introduced me to massage therapy. I had 3 half hour sessions the first month (May) and could not believe the relief I felt after the first 2 sessions. After discussing the pain relief with my personal care physician, I am scheduled for a maintenance session once a month. Thanks to Terri, at 69 years of age, I am able to be mobile and have more painless days than before my massage therapy sessions. Thank you."

Christine White, Grand Junction, CO

Grand Junction Massage Gift Certificate

Try Terri's services out for yourself. Consider a massage therapy gift certificate from Terri at Healthy Habits Massage and Bodywork, to you. Call the office at (970) 201-2990 to schedule your massage and use her special Grand Junction massage gift certificate for your first visit.

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Specialist in
Injury Recovery and
Chronic Pain.
Also known for
Prenatal, Labor,
and Postpartum Massage
Stress Relief

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